It's important to maintain a healthy, happy environment for students to learn in.

Private lessons


Each student receives a 30-minute lesson with a private instructor, pus, an additional 30-minute block of time in our fun Theory Zone.

Theory Zone


Let's utilize interactive technology--apps and gaming--as well as traditional paper to teach music theory.

We believe teaching music lessons and music theory are equally important. 

Music lessons are taught once a week in 60-minute increments. Each student receives 30-minutes of private one-on-one instruction with their instructor in one of our studio rooms at the school. Additionally, a 30-minute spot is reserved for each student in our Theory Zone. Thus, each student will spend one hour each week immersed in music learning.

Music theory is taught in our one-of-a-kind interactive Theory Zone. Students enjoy playing

the latest music and theory apps to learn and practice music theory concepts through gaming. It’s the latest and greatest in learning music theory. Traditional paper learning is also offered as a great way to reinforce theoretical applications.