I can say that you will get nothing but the best at Gavotte School of Music. They are professional, wonderful teachers.





Working with Kimberley as a Kindermusik teacher was so fun for my daughter!  She loves music and dancing.  I had a blast, too.


Our Mission

Kimberley Hunt​ is owner and CEO of Gavotte but also teaches piano, violin, and cello.  


We love music and hope you do, too... 

Have you ever dreamed of playing a musical instrument or of singing your favorite song confidently with friends or loved ones?  Have you ever had the desire that your son or daughter or both would learn to play music and perform for their grandparents and others to hear and enjoy?  Have you heard of other children scoring higher on standardized tests, benefiting from enhanced math and science understanding and doing better in school with increased attention spans and superior grades because they learn music and wanted that for your child, too?  These reasons and more are what prompted me to create and open Gavotte School of Music.

I am Kimberley Hunt, founder and owner of Gavotte School of Music, and using my life-long passion for music and learning I have composed a climate where budding musical talent can be carefully cultivated –- a community where our dreams as musicians can flourish and thrive!  I took all of the reasons for learning music along with the hopes, confidence, creativity, fun and peace that come with developing your musical abilities and combined them to establish a home where these dreams of music can become a reality.

About Our School